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October 2012 El Salvador Trip Highlights

The October trip to El Salvador was a great success! Get a day by day recap here:

Serena, a floor nurse volunteer summarized the trip beautifully. She said, “To work amongst a group of individuals who strive to achieve a set goal with skill, compassion, humor and teamwork is rare. To achieve this in a place which one is not use to working in is a huge accomplishment. Thank you to my team mates at Operation Walk Utah. You are all truly amazing and gifted people and I am honored to have shared this experience with you all.”

Pictured is Pedro, a candidate for bilateral hip replacement prior to surgery. See his before and after videos, here: Before the operation, the video shows Pedro propelling himself along using crutches then he drags his legs behind. He has no flexion or rotation in his hips. The after video is an amazing improvement.

Thanks to Drs. Ponder, Jones, and Cook, and a generous implant donation from Total Joint Orthopedics, Pedro received bilateral hip replacements..

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